‘Top Gu n’ Star Val Kilmer Is Proud Dad of 2 Beautiful Kids – Meet Both of Them..


63-year-old actor Val Kilmer is famous for his starring roles in some of the hit Hollywood movies that have graced the cinematic universe.
Away from the spotlight, he is also a loving father of two children, a son, Jack, and a daughter, Mercedes. The rigors and vigor of a Hollywood career did not limit the amount of time, and attention actor Val Kilmer has for his children. This has culminated in a special bond that is shared by the trio. Both children are very proud of their father, going by their numerous glowing tributes to him.

While Kilmer has an excellent relationship with his children, he does not have a great relationship with his ex-wife. When the couple divorced in 2009, now-63-year-old Kilmer agreed to pay $27,500 monthly in child support.

However, he fell behind on payments, and his ex-wife took a lien out on one of his properties to ensure she got the money. This meant that he could not sell the property without informing her first. The property was his 6000-acre ranch in Mexico.

The property is located east of Sante Fe and boasts a trout-fishing river and a four-bedroom, four-bathroom log house with an attached guest house. There is also staff accommodation and other guest houses on the property.

In 2009, Kilmer listed the property for a whopping £20 million, but because the housing market in America had hit a slump, Kilmer had to bring the price down to £11.5 million two years after listing it.

Meet the Kilmer Children
The actor is a doting father; if he is not posting a throwback picture of Jack and Mercedes with Britney Spears, then he appears on a television trivia with them. Val Kilmer ensures he hardly stays far from his two bundles of joy.

Mercedes and Jack are Val Kilmer’s children from his marriage with ex-wife, actress Joanne Whalley. The ex-couple divorced and never got married again.

Instead, he remained close to his children, and that lovely relationship was evident when he was battling throat cancer.

Mercedes Kilmer
Mercedes was born to Val and Joanne in 1991. Since her parents were talented actors, it wasn’t surprising to see her following in their footsteps, with the 27-year-old making appearances in several short movies.

She is also a member of a Blues band, which has enabled her to play in many places.

Jack Kilmer
The 1995-born Jack Kilmer is also an actor like his parents, but unlike his sister, he has appeared in more notable movies. Some of the movies he starred in include “The Nice Guys,” “Lords of Chaos,” and “The Stanford Experiment.”

He also has a flair for music and modeling, which is really not surprising considering his good looks.

How Kilmer’s Battle with Cancer Changed Him
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Val Kilmer revealed that his battle with throat cancer changed his mind.

The actor’s struggle with the disease lasted for two years and ended with him having a reduced voice and a shortened breath. It has also given him time to reflect on some things.

Val noted that he may have taken his career too seriously, as he was always getting upset when he didn’t win awards due to his penchant for Oscars and recognition.

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